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WLA Campaign Videos

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Winnebago Lutheran Academy exists to glorify God by nurturing the growth of every student to live as Christ's child within the families, congregations, and communities.


Winnebago Lutheran Academy faithfully impacts hundreds of families every year – and has for nearly a century.  With Christ as our cornerstone, we nurture students spiritually and intellectually during their teenage years, teaching them to apply lessons of God’s Word in everyday issues and decisions.  WLA alumni share their gifts in various professions and occupations around the country and the globe.  And many stay close to home and contribute to the economic and cultural vitality of the region. 



On June 24, 2020, the Plenary Board of WLA unanimously approved purchasing 120 acres of land on Highway 23 west of Fond du Lac to eventually establish a new WLA campus in the next 7 - 10 years.  To realize our vision for a new WLA, we must fund three important areas:

  • $2 million for the property

  • $1.6 to retire existing capital commitments

  • $1 million for:

    • Necessary improvements to our current facility.

    • Planning and design for the new campus.

  • Plans for the new campus:

    • Chapel/Performing Arts Center

    • Athletic Fields

    • Labs and Workshops

    • Modern Educational Learning Spaces

    • Hosting Association and Community Events


Built in 1954, the current school sits on just 12 ½ acres.  As our student body grew and the facility aged, we built additions and renovated multiple times, the last time in 2000.  In 2011 a campus facility study revealed major structural issues, especially in the original parts of the building.  The work needed to make our current building a safe, effective option for the long-term is no longer feasible.  Being landlocked, the upgrades would be more costly to repair and maintain than building a new school.  Furthermore, the current high school lacks space for the extracurricular programs that students and families expect in an educational setting.  Athletic facilities are limited and there is no proper space for theatre and fine arts performances.  Building a new school – at a location that is convenient for families in our area and provides ample space for the necessary facilities – will enable us to expand our mission by building a flexible learning environment for our students and community.

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